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Talk 63: Gender Roles in Relationships Between a Talk and a Hard Place

What works for you in your relationships? In this episode we are talking about gender roles and there are definitely different strokes for different folks!BTHP on FacebookBTHP on Insta @betweenatalkandahardplaceFollow Lisette on Instagram @lifelessonsandlovesessionsEmail: info@betweenatalkandahardplace.com Social Media Hashtag #betweenatalkandahardplace
  1. Talk 63: Gender Roles in Relationships
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  3. Talk 61: Bad Biiish vs Bad Boy
  4. Talk 60: Spousal Support
  5. Talk 59: Child Support

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Lisette is a self health & mental wellness advocate and clinical mental health counselor in training. She is the owner and Self-Discovery Coach of Life Lessons & Love Sessions, LLC.

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