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Talk 61: Bad Biiish vs Bad Boy Between a Talk and a Hard Place

What kind of partner are you looking for? A Bad Biiish, Basic Bae, Bad Boy or Corny Dude.What do these terms mean to you?What are the things you’re looking for when you select a mate?BTHP on FacebookBTHP on Insta @betweenatalkandahardplaceFollow Lisette on Instagram @lifelessonsandlovesessionsEmail: info@betweenatalkandahardplace.com Social Media Hashtag #betweenatalkandahardplace
  1. Talk 61: Bad Biiish vs Bad Boy
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  3. Talk 59: Child Support
  4. Talk 58: Bougie Black Women w/ Kai Butcher
  5. Talk 57: Representation Matters w/ Kai Butcher

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Lisette is a self health & mental wellness advocate and clinical mental health counselor in training. She is the owner and Self-Discovery Coach of Life Lessons & Love Sessions, LLC.

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A virtual space for women of color to express and explore the issues they navigate within their community, at work, at home, within themselves, and with each other.