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Talk 29: Making Peace With Broken Pieces Between a Talk and a Hard Place

In this episode I address the role my own insecurities and poor mindset played in an abusive relationship.Amazon:Making Peace With Broken PiecesWebsite: www.betweenatalkandahardplace.com  Join the Facebook group at @Betweenatalkandahardplace Follow me on Instagram @betweenatalkandahardplace Submit questions at http://www.betweenatalkandahardplace.com Email: betweenatalkandahardplace@gmail.com  Social Media Hashtag #betweenatalkandahardplace

Talk 47: Mental Health & Wellness Between a Talk and a Hard Place

Sis, are you acknowledging your mental health?Join the Facebook group at @BetweenatalkandahardplaceBTHP on Insta @betweenatalkandahardplaceFollow me on Instagram @lifelessonsandlovesessionsEmail: info@betweenatalkandahardplace.com Social Media Hashtag #betweenatalkandahardplace
  1. Talk 47: Mental Health & Wellness
  2. Talk 46: Self-Health
  3. Talk 45: This Thing Called Life
  4. Talk 44: Laughing with Kyndra Crump
  5. Talk 43: Education vs Success
  6. Talk 42: Change of Habit Author Carol Pompey
  7. Talk 41: Love & Marriage
  8. Talk 40: Give Yourself Permission to Heal
  9. Talk 39: You Are Your Biggest Challenge
  10. Talk 38: Sexual Abuse Advocate and Survivor Monique Peterkin
Lisette Mckenzie, Host

The Host

Lisette is an author and Self Health & Mental Wellness Advocate.

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