In a world that wants you to be everything to everyone, Between a Talk and a Hard Place is where you can come to just be you and listen to candid conversations about real life stories, concerns, and experiences that you can relate to. From situations to situationships, we’ll be discussing topics that affect your emotional, mental, physical, sexual, social, and spiritual health. We’ll be celebrating your successes and supporting you through your obstacles and, most of all, we want you to know that you’re not alone.

Meet Lisette

Creator and Host, Between a Talk and a Hard Place

Lisette is a self health & mental wellness advocate and counselor in training. She is the owner and Self-Discovery Coach of Life Lessons & Love Sessions, LLC where empowering women to embrace and love on themselves a little more is her area of practice.

Lisette is the author of Making Peace with Broken Pieces, a story about her experience with domestic violence and how she learned to love on herself after. That experience birthed Life Lessons & Love Sessions, LLC and Between a Talk and a Hard Place and anchored her commitment to helping women recognize their own beauty, worth, and capabilities.