Give Yourself Permission to Heal and Be Free

We have all been wounded at some point in our lives. I know I’ve certainly had my share of bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes and I’m not talking about that in the physical sense. These particular wounds that I’m talking about don’t go away or get better when you slap a bandaid on them or use an ice pack to reduce the pain and swelling.

In fact, doing any of those things to these wounds will only cause it to smolder until the slightest trigger comes around and throws you back into a crisis. So, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m speaking about emotional wounds. They’re invisible until they’re not and they pack a mean punch!

In the next episode, Author, Consultant, Coach, and Mentor Jovita Miller is pulling up to the mic and we are going to be getting all up in the guts of why you need to give yourself permission to heal and be free.

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We Are Our Own Greatest Challenge

With a new year comes new challenges, new ideas, new hopes. Do you know what’s not new? What’s not different? It’s the reflection in the mirror. It’s the person we can’t kick out of bed. And it has nothing to do with your relationship status or your status in the community. It’s you.

No matter what we face in life, we have to face ourselves. How we talk to and about ourselves is important. It shapes how we act and how others act towards us. It can be impossible at times to face ourselves but the truth is we cannot face anything honestly until we deal with ourselves in a direct manner.

But being honest doesn’t mean being abrasive. It means bolstering our strengths and reassessing our weaknesses. It means getting help when we need it and taking a break when necessary.

In the next episode of Between a Talk and Hard Place we’ll discuss how we deal with the challenge of who we are by discussing hardships and victories.

Stepping into 2021

Did you scream Happy New Year or did you all just yell JUMANJI as the clock struck 12 and ushered 2020 on his merry little way? December 31st aka New Year’s Eve is also my anniversary so the hubster and I had lots to celebrate, safely of course, and Between a Talk and a Hard Place was one of them!

I’m excited (and maybe just a little teeny tiny bit afraid) of what this year will bring! I’m looking forward to great conversations filled with brain food, heart healing and loads of laughter.

Between a Talk and a Hard Place podcast has a few work in progress projects going on. We are getting our Instagram page up and running. You can check us out HERE and click the follow button while you’re there! We are looking to bring some Between a Talk and a Hard Place merch on board too so stay tuned for that!

I pray your days in 2021 are filled with overwhelming peace, prosperity, purpose, love and laughter! I hope this is a year of personal discovery, growth and success beyond your wildest dreams. Lastly, I hope the upcoming episodes on Between a Talk and a Hard Place podcast keep you entertained and provide you with education, resources and a sense of sisterhood.